Monday, June 28, 2010

Blinded by the White

Yes, again it's been awhile and it seems that I only get to my blog these days when something out of the ordinary happens.  That is not to say that something out of the ordinary doesn't happen everyday, after all, I have twins.

So a quick run down of what has happened since my last blog is in order.  Calista is so ready to crawl!  She has that butt up in the air and almost made it today.  Yesterday she managed to crawl backwards for her daddy.  It's time to baby proof the house, we have our baby gates all ready to cage them in.  Now we just have to go after things like light sockets, power cords and other delightful objects at floor level.

Calista has also gotten very grabby.  If it's within her reach she has it in her hands, and what a grip that little girl has!  Jessica found out the hard way last week when she left a container of baby food within Calista's reach on the highchair table.  All I heard in the office was an "OH NO Calista!".  Later I found out that Calista had grabbed the container and dumped it all over the tray.  Lucky for me I was able to learn from Jessica's mistake and I don't let any baby food close to Calista's reach.

Now Alex wants to crawl just as bad, but he always manages to get himself over onto his back instead.  He's got the pushing down with one of his legs, he just needs to get that other one coordinated and he'll be on his way too.

And when it comes to food, my Alex doesn't mess around.  There's no way he'd risk spilling his food by grabbing it.

Friday we took a trip to Costco for our monthly supply of 424 diapers.  (Yes, that is the amount of diapers that we go through in a month.  However it does not count the diapers that they use when they visit Grandma and Grandpaw, so it's probably a little higher).  Walking through Costco Calista had a fascination with my Starbucks and was very grabby about the cup.  Just like her momma... brought a little tear to my eye.  By the time we left she had chocolate all over her face.

Other events that happened this week was an overnight stay at Grandma and Grandpaw's house on Saturday so that Ed and I could go out for our anniversary.  We had a couple of massages and went out to dinner.  We were going to see a movie, but neither of us were very enthused about what was playing so we just came home and watched our Netflix.

It's so bittersweet when they go to their grandparents house for the night.  On one hand we love the sleep and time to ourselves.  On the other hand, I found myself looking at empty cribs and missing my cubs.

Sunday they came home and mommy and daddy were thrilled to see them.  We got them changed and went directly to the park to swing for a little while.  They were both pretty tired so we didn't stay too long.

And that brings us to today and the story behind the title of this particular blog.  We had a great day today.  Calista woke up around 7 a.m., had some breakfast.  Then Alex woke up at around 8 a.m. and I found again that he had pee'd through everything.  The whole front of him was soaked and he smelled of urine.  So I striped him down, wiped him off with a wipe and put him in a onsie for the time being.  Then he had some breakfast.  After breakfast I was downstairs stripping down his bed, mattress pad included, and throwing it into the wash.  This is the 2nd time he's done this and I'd had enough.  So after bath time we were on our way to Target for 2 back up mattress pads and some night time diapers.  Back home they had a little lunch, a bottle and then took a nice nap for me.

When they woke up they had a bottle and we played on the floor with some new books I bought them at Target.  Calista can grab it and turn the pages by herself... Alex just tries to eat them.

When Ed got home we had our dinner and he went in to clean up the kitchen and make formula while I played with the cubs.  They just love it when I lay down in between their play mats, they can grab at my face and I can tickle them.  But I just had to take it a step further today.  I got a hold of Calista and laid her on my tummy so we were tummy to tummy.  She smiled and giggled, raised herself up on her arms as if to crawl and then BLAM!  A white flood covered my face.  Puke in my eyes, up my nose and all over my mouth.  I'm attempting to yell at Ed without opening my mouth, which ended up sounding a bit like a person yelling with a mouthful of peanut butter.  Ed came running in thinking someone was hurt and all I could say was 'Get me a rag'.  He got Calista off of me, (who by the way was all grins after this), and proceeded to blow mass amounts of baby puke out of my nose.

Yeah, I let him play with the babies after that while I cleaned up the kitchen.

Kitchen now cleaned and time to go downstairs for the night.  I decided to take Alex... (can you blame me?).  Once downstairs Alex and I are in the big blue chair sitting face to face practicing our A's and O's along with our new game, 'Nose/Toes' where I point to his nose and then his toes repeating Nose and Toes.  We are both very low key, but out of no where he pukes all over my.  Yep, Ed is on the couch with Calista laughing at me.

We got them both changed into pj's for the night, this time I took Calista back with me.  Ed had Alex on the couch tickling him and making him giggle so loud I was cracking up at it.  Then Alex puked on the couch, then proceeded to laugh immediately afterwards.

Bet you can't guess what my worst of motherhood for today is?  Baby puke in your orifices!!!

However the best part of motherhood for today is no matter how much they both puke, both of my babies are very happy babies.

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