Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finally That Trip To Costco... Never Again By Myself!

Wednesday come hell or high water I had to go to Costco, we weren't going to make it through another night without more diapers.  So repeat the drill from the day before, but this time I made it past Starbucks.  I got to Costco and knew that I immediately had to get Calista changed, so we went straight for the bathroom.  She did it to me again with a poopy diaper, but I got her all cleaned up and left a little gift in the trash for the cleaning lady in Costco.

Luckily the shopping carts at Costco have seats for two babies in them.  So I brought a blanket from home and put that at the base and placed both cubs in the cart.  They aren't sitting up on their own yet, but Calista can hold herself up straight.  Alex on the other hand slouches a bit.  The problem was though that both of their heads were hitting the wires at the back of the shopping cart seat, so I had to pad it with the blanket and a burp cloth.

With that all set we were off on our shopping adventure through Costco.... at lightning speed I might add.  I knew my time was limited before both of them became fussy.  I made it through 3/4 of the store before I had to pick Calista up out of her cart seat and carry her.  At this point I have 2 boxes of diapers, 3 gallons of bleach and lots of other heavy items in my cart, Calista in my right arm over my shoulder, Alex in the cart seat and I have to turn this heavy cart with one arm.  I knew it wasn't just me that found this taxing when I saw the looks of pity on other shoppers faces.  One woman even said she wouldn't have had the nerve to go it alone with one baby, let alone two!  So thinking myself to be a super mom after that comment I decided we were done and it was time to get going.

At the check stand I ran into yet another problem though, I had to put the items on the conveyor belt.  How was I going to do that while holding Calista.  So I told Calista she was just going to have to sit in the cart seat for a little while so I could unload.  I set her in the seat and started to buckle her in when I caught the tender under part of her arm in the buckle and pinched it.  Oh that little girl screamed!!!!  (As would I, that's a tender area!).  The entire Costco warehouse seemed to be staring at me and I went from super mom to 'what an idiot' in about a split second.

I picked Cailsta back up, she was crying, I was crying, the checker looked over at me and I explained to her what I had accidentally done.  Next thing I knew there were two Costco employees unloading my cart for me and entertaining Alex as he went through the check out line.

With my purchases all loaded back up in the cart, Calista in my arms, Alex in the cart seat still, all that was left to do was load it all up in the car.  As I exited Costco though the woman that was behind me stopped and looked at me, then stopped again and asked if I needed any help.  I told her thank you, but I can manage and started making a turn with the cart to go to the car.  She stopped again and said, "Really, please let me at least push your cart for you".  So I said okay and thanked her.  Now in the back of my mind I'm having an argument.... is she a kind person or is she going to take off running with my Alex in the cart?  Too many stories in the news, so you never know.  With caution I told her I would pull on the front part of the cart to help her steer it since it was so heavy and Alex needed to be held upright.

Once at the car she offered to hold Calista and asked how in the world I was going to get the groceries into my car.  I told her that was the easy part, I put Calista in her car seat, then Alex in his leaving both doors open since it was hot out.  Then loaded up the groceries and was done.  I thanked her profusely... and turns out, she was a kind person not a kidnapper.

The worst part of motherhood for this blog is doing something really stupid like catching your child's skin in a buckle.

The best part of motherhood for this blog is the kindness of strangers.

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