Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Day at the Park

The past few weeks have been so busy that I've really let my blogging go, so I'm going to do my best to just start fresh with today.

Jessica came to babysit today which meant that I got to get some work done in the office as well as get out for a little while this afternoon.  I spent a luxurious day getting a mani/pedi then went to see the latest Shrek movie.  (Which I can say still wasn't as good and 1 or 2, but better than 3 by a long shot!).

I still made it home by 1 p.m. and walked into a quiet house with the cubs sleeping and Jessica sitting quietly on the couch with her laptop.  Such a pleasant day, yet I knew that I was about ready to go into battle over Alex's medicine.

On their 6 month well baby check up Dr. Hansen bumped Alex's Previcid up to 5 ml's per day.  His current prescription is for 3 ml's per day and had no refills on it.  To top that off, for some reason all of a sudden the insurance company decided they don't want to pay for it anymore.  No reason, just denied.  My mission was to first yell at the Dr.'s office since for two weeks I've been calling them asking to call in the new prescription for 5 ml's which they still haven't done.  Next was to do battle with the insurance company on why they aren't paying for it anymore.  I never made it to the insurance company phone call.  I spent probably an hour between the pharmacy and the pediatricians office just trying to get the new prescription of 5 ml's in place.  Turns out our Dr. Hansen dropped the ball on this one.  He wrote on the sheet he gave us with Alex's height, weight, etc. that he was to take 5 ml's per day, but never changed it on Alex's chart from 3 to 5.

So the Dr.'s office told me to go to the pharmacy and have them call the Dr.'s office and then they could get it straightened out.  Of course it didn't dawn on me until after I hung up that I would have to then fight this battle in a public arena at my local King Soopers with two babies in tow.  Not to mention what a pain it will be to get them all packed up in the stroller just to go in there and do someone elses job so my son can have the medicine he needs.  Also, at this point we are just going to pay for it out of pocket, (which I'm sure is exactly what insurance company's hope for).  So there will be more on this topic and whether I've won or lost my battle.

Now for the rest of the day.....

I did get a large shipment of beads in today for the upcoming Mellow Yellow Variety Pack.  Realizing that I probably should have stayed home and worked on that instead of going out and playing I decided to ask Jessica if she wanted to do some work in the bead store for me tomorrow.  Once she said yes I once again felt a big weight off of me and sat down for 20 minutes to make some earrings.  Ahhhhh, that time is just the best!

Ed got home at 4:30 and Jessica took off.  Ed and I ate a quick dinner and fed the cubs, who by the way are now on stage 2 baby foods and LOVING IT!  The past 3 days or so Alex has started making a weird sound when we feed him and he lunges for the spoon of food.  We say it's like feeding a baby

Once dinner was done Ed got the stroller out of the trunk, we put on our walking shoes and went for their first trip to the park.  The Main Park in Windsor is really well kept with a lot of outdoor toys for kids, and when I drove by it yesterday I saw that it had those swings for babies with the holes for the legs to come through.  Our walk was only about 20 minutes to get there and it was a little on the warm side, but not blistering hot.

Calista was the first one out and her and daddy found a nice piece of grass to chill on.

Alex was a little on the sleepy side so I took him directly to the swing to see how he liked it.  Turns out the swing didn't wake him up too much.  He just swung back and forth looking at the ground the entire time.

I shot some video of him in the swing then it was time to switch so I could get some video of Calista's first ride in a swing as well.

Calista on the other hand loved her swing ride.  Every time she came at me I'd grab her swing and hold her for a second, then let her swing backwards.  The result was adorable baby giggles.  Alex had enough by now though so him and daddy sat in the swing next to us for a little while, then went to that nice patch of grass he had found earlier.

We only stayed for about 20 minutes, but it was such a nice time.  On the way home Alex fell asleep in the stroller, so once we got home Ed took him directly to bed for a quick cat nap.

They got into their jammies and both babies practiced some crawling for a while.  I think Alex is going to be out of here sooner than later, where as Calista is really great at standing on her own and loves to do that.

Calista began to get fussy so Ed laid her down in her crib for a bit and then we both played with Alex for a while, giving him hugs, neck sugars and playing cow attach with the toy moo cow.

We gave them their final bottle at 8:30 at which time Alex fell right to sleep on me.  He was so snugly, I really didn't want to put him in his crib tonight.  Calista was awake, but she seems to be easier than Alex to get to sleep when it's bed time.  You can lay her in her crib and she'll talk for a little while, but then she goes to sleep within 15 minutes I'd say.

With both babies asleep it was time to tackle that mountain of laundry that needed folding, (another thing I probably should have done today instead of playing).  Knowing that Ed would want to go to bed at 9 pm sharp, I asked him to help fold clothes for the next 10 minutes until he went to bed.  We both started working on the laundry basket when he decided to move all the clothing over to one side so he could sit down.  When I asked him what he was doing he told me why stand up when I can do it sitting down.  We were almost to the bottom of the laundry basket and I told him that there was still another load in the dryer and could he please go get that out, which he did.  About 7 minutes had gone by since we started our laundry adventure when Ed says, "Isn't it time we take a break?".  What could I do but stare at him in disbelief and say, "I am always amazed that you have held a job for as long as you have".  He was kidding of course and so was I.  I just thought it was a funny story I would share.

Ok, now for the best and worst.

The worst part of motherhood for today is trying to get medication for your baby that you know they need and running into brick walls left and right.  Makes me just want to scream, "He's a baby and he won't feel good unless he has this! Why are you not making this a high priority that he get his medicine!!!".

The best part of motherhood for today... well I have two actually, one for each baby.  The first was our trip to the park and listening to Calista giggle on the swing.  There is nothing more healing than a babies giggle in my book.  The second is a warm snugly Alex asleep on my shoulder.  I didn't even mind the snoring in my ear, (which I'm just sure he gets from his

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