Monday, June 7, 2010

Saint Jessica

Saturday morning we got the call from Julie that her daughter Jessica would be available to babysit for us during the week.  Since she seems to be swooping in to save me, I now call her Saint Jessica... the patron saint of a frazzled mommy.

Sunday, the cubs officially turned six months old.  While Dad and Ed took off to go play golf, Mom and I set out for Estes Park with the twins.  They had a craft show going there, the weather was beautiful so why not.  We got them in the stroller, strapped their fashionable sunglasses onto their heads and away we went.

They were the talk of Estes Park!  Everywhere we went people commented on them and the sunglasses.  One vendor selling stained glass even had to take a picture of them.  We had a bunch of fun, spent a little money with our local crafters, (I'd rather support them than China) and before we knew it the clock said 5 p.m.

We headed back down the mountain and ended up meeting Dad and Ed for Mexican food here in Windsor.  Calista did her standing up on the table and let out several of her high pitched screeches for the other customers.  Again the time seemed to fly and it was well past time to get them fed and off to dream land.

The worst part of motherhood for this blog is having time just get away from you.  Where did the day go?

The best part of motherhood for this blog is finding a babysitter you can trust!  What will I do when St. Jessica heads off to college???

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