Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calm that child!

Today was a fussy day for Calista.  I'm not sure if I mentioned before or not, but she's already cutting teeth and she just really had a tough time with it today.    She woke up at 5 a.m. then went back to sleep for about an hour.  I tried and tried to get her down for some kind of a nap today, but she just kept screaming out in pain.

Since it was bath day anyway, I figured I'd give them both their bath to see if that would calm her down at all.  Amazingly enough, it did!  But before bath time I had her half way undressed and her and Leo, our littlest cat, found a new game to play.  Both the cubs would kick on the side of the play pen and Leo decided whatever that protruding thing was, it needed to be dug out.  But after bath time she fell asleep in the play pen in the office and I attempted to get some work done while Alex slept in his swing.  Of course Leo had other idea's.  He thought it would be fun to continue the game.  So while Calista slept Leo dug and dug at the side of that play pen, shaking it all over the place.  Once I chased him away from that he tried to crawl into the swing with Alex.  It was a no win situation for me.  There was no way they were going to let me get any work done today.

So after their afternoon feeding I packed them and the stroller up in the car and we adventured out to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Berthoud.  It was the first time they've been there and needless to say, both Grandparents seemed to enjoy parading them up and down their street.  I did forget the camera today so I don't have a picture for the day.  But if you're on my Facebook page I'll be uploading a video of Leo and the cubs in the crib and their 'Little Game'.

When I got them home it was a race to get dinner done while they were still asleep in the car seats.  We almost made it and the rest of the night was about par for the course.

So the best and worst for the day.

The worst part of Motherhood today is a teething baby that you just can't console.

The best part of Motherhood today is when that child finally calms down and you just hope they feel a little better.

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