Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sunny Day

It was a beautiful day in Northern Colorado so I set my sights on a nice walk to the post office with the cubs. The morning had gone really smooth, so I anticipated that the rest of the day would go as well right? Obviously the thinking of a new mom.

I had two very fussy cubs on my hands, and how do you fix that? Go through the check list of needs... diapers changed, food given out, etc. etc. Still Calista was fussy. I put her in her chair so I could get Alex fed and changed and after a while she got really quiet. I just figured it was her chair occupying her, (yet another Rookie Mom mistake). I got Alex changed to find a huge poopy mess. Once he was cleaned up he was all grins. You've never met a baby that loves a clean diaper like Alex! Just look at those grins.

So Alex is now all changed and a happy camper. I get him in the stroller and it's time to fetch Calista. I start to pull her from her chair, "sniff sniff", "Is that residual from Alex or did she make a present for me as well? I check and yes, she has a massive poopy diaper now too. The light bulb goes on and I realize that's why she was so content.

Anyway, I got her all changed, packed up in the stroller and we were on our way.

I just love strolling my little babies through the town. Everyone just has to stop and look at them. Windsor is a friendly town anyway, but when you have a stroller wheeling in front of you they just seem extra friendly. The cars all stop and let you go through the crosswalks, people hold the doors open for you, and everyone is just really helpful and nice.

The cubs of course missed out on all this attention because two blocks down the road they conked out and didn't wake up until we got home.

Alex was a little angel for the rest of the evening, but his sister just had to be held. So when her daddy got home he got a baby shoved into his arms immediately. Especially since she had just deposited a large portion of her last feeding on my shoulder. So Ed changed her and I got myself into the shower and cleaned up.

We had a rather late dinner because we were trying to feed them and once again had the nerve to say out loud... 'Let's see if we can get them to bed a little earlier tonight.' They were having none of that. We gave Alex a bath since he had puke in his hair, and again he screamed bloody murder. I'm not sure why all of a sudden he doesn't like his baths, he used to love them. He was really sleepy after his bath, but once again it was 10pm before the last child was asleep. We started with both babies in our bed and I managed to get Calista asleep in her own bed. I tried that with Alex, but it didn't work. He kept fussing so much that I was afraid he was going to wake up his sister. So he ended up back in our bed. I figure his sister was claiming so much of my time that he just needed some Mommy time.

Alright, I can't believe I got this done while they are still sleeping. Hurray for me!

The best and worst now...I always like to end on an up note so that's why I put the worst first.

The worst part of Motherhood yesterday was being paranoid on our walk. Will the cars stop, what if a car comes speeding so fast that I don’t' see them in time. What if a vicious dog that isn't on a leash comes after us? Etc. etc. The worry wart mother I am.
The best part of Motherhood yesterday was parading my little ones through the town.

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