Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've found that if we take the cubs out on a little outing, or as I call them, adventures, they seem to get a little more worn out and sleep better. So yesterday's adventure was to go to Fort Collins and pick up my new glasses and then off to the Used Baby Store. No they don't sell used babies there, just their clothing.

Word of warning expecting mothers. Pregnancy did quite the number on my eyes! I've now had to go to progressive lenses, which is just a nice way of saying bifocals. Trying to look at my children up close when I fed them was just murder on my eyes and head. So for the next few weeks I'm sure I'll be getting used to these new glasses. Another thing to prepare yourself for is the unimaginable amount of hair you're going to lose! I have thick hair to begin with, but I'm losing handfuls by the day. I even had to bargain with my husband to clean the shower drain for me. In trade I changed all dirty diapers for a 24 hour period, but anything is better than shower drain hair, (makes me gag just typing this).

Our adventure to the used baby store, Once Upon A Child, was fairly pleasant. They have such good deals there, most of the clothing is around $3-$4. And with the speed in which the cubs out grow the clothes, it's a great way to keep from going broke. Mom and I each had a baby in their car seat in a cart to push around. Calista just slept through the entire outing. Alex however was not a happy camper! I picked out about 5 outfits for him and then it was time to shop for his sister and he was having none of that. He had his loot and he was ready to go. So we quickly shopped for Calista, bought her some adorable little dresses, and tried to check out as fast as possible.

Today is bath day, and I just have to say out loud, is there anything better smelling than a clean baby? So far Calista has had her bath, but Alex seems to be having some issues today. We're not sure if it's his reflux acting up, teething or maybe a gas bubble in his tummy. On top of that we're having snow off and on today so I may not take them out on an adventure today.

So here is the picture today of Calista looking up at her Grandma right after her bath. We were trying really hard to get her to smile, but all we managed was a smirk out of her.
She is quite the little manipulator. She'll cry and cry like someone is killing her. Then the minute you walk into her room she stops crying and smiles up at you, as if to say, "Ha Ha Made you come get me".
This is something I'm going to try out on my daily blog as well. I'll call it my Best and Worst of Motherhood.
Today, the worst of Motherhood is this: Trying to cut those itty bitty tiny fingernails. How can something so small do so much damage to an adults chest? I swear I look like I have chicken pox from all the scratches on my chest from the two of them.
Today the best of Motherhood is this: Last night I had just finished nursing Calista, it was just the two of us in the quiet living room. She was laying on her side on my nursing pillow and I watched as her eyelids became more and more heavy, until they finally became so heavy that she just couldn't hold them open any longer and she drifted off to sleep. It was a very simple thing, watching my child drift off to sleep... but it was a moment.

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