Friday, March 19, 2010

A Two-Fer

We got back rather late yesterday so I never got to my blog so on this one you'll get yesterday and today.  Yesterday was Date Night for Carrie and Ed.  Mom and Dad came over around 10 in the morning to take care of the cubs for us. So here is the run down of the day.

Calista woke up at her usual 5 - 6 a.m. slot and ended up in our bed, I lay out some receiving blankets and a burp cloth and we're all set.  Mostly because Mommy was still very tired and she just loves sleeping on 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets... well what baby doesn't?  An hour later Alex got lonely in the nursery so he came to join us in the big bed.

They sure do sleep soundly in our bed, although I know I can't let them do this all the time.  I'm sure it will be a hard habit to break in the future.

Not to mention that even though we have a king size bed, between those 2 little babies and 3 cats there is hardly any room left over for me and Ed!  We're going to have to see if we'll fit in the cribs if this keeps up.  Ed has already practiced getting in and out of the cribs when he put them together before the cubs arrived.

I don't think he'll fit, what do you guys think?

Anyway, the morning went as usual.  Then Mom and Dad got here and I was able to take off and get a much needed hair cut at Aveda Ten Salon

I then picked up Ed and we went to see the movie Avatar, which was the second time for me, the first for Ed.  And then topped it off with a nice dinner out at Macaroni Grill in Fort Collins.

Unfortunately it's Spring Break and therefore we had to deal with punks at the movies.  About 6 teenagers, one of which was named Brenden.  I know this because as Brenden made comments throughout the movie his friends were shushing him and saying, 'Brended shut up'.  I should've gone out and complained and had the punk kicked out... but I didn't.  I sort of felt sorry for Brenden afterwards realizing that he acted that way because he needed so much attention.

Then off to dinner where we usually have an outstanding meal, but this time were also a bit disappointed.  Ed had the Lobster Ravioli which had a very fishy taste to it.  I had a Mushroom Ravioli dish that was so scalding hot from the heat lamps I had to wait 5-10 minutes before I could eat it.

On the way home I decided the only way I'm going to be able to keep in touch with people is to get a new fangled phone.  So I bought myself a new Droid phone last night that will allow me to keep up with emails, Facebook and Twitter.

Today was almost a repeat of yesterday morning, other than I got out of bed and just surrendered it to the cubs.  The afternoon was a baby melt down when Alex had a MASSIVE poopy blow out and I was trying to get him changed downstairs while Calista was screaming her head off upstairs.  Finally I just took him upstairs in his onsie and decided to dress him up there.  Once upstairs with him though I found he had poop in between his toes, so I had to go back downstairs to get a washcloth and get him cleaned up.  I couldn't get the stupid bottles to heat up fast enough when I did get back upstairs, so both of them were screaming out of control.  We got through that feeding and then it was Calista's turn for a poopy blow out.  Luckily this time Alex was nice and quiet through it all.

There were no adventures yesterday or today because it's really cold and snowy.  If the weather improves tomorrow we'll be going to an Assisted Living facility to look at for Ed's mother Jo.

Now for the best and the worst of Motherhood.....

Today the worst part of Motherhood is massive amounts of oozing baby shit that squeeks out from the sides of diapers and onto everything from your wrist to your hands and from baby's belly button to their toes.

Today the best part of Motherhood is a quiet sleeping baby, which is what they are doing right now.

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