Monday, March 15, 2010

What a busy day!

First I'd like to say that I'm currently writing this with Alex crashed out in my left arm and Ed in the living room with Calista screaming her head off.  Good thing we shut all the doors up from this afternoon or I'm sure the neighbors would be calling Child Protective Services on us thinking we were neglecting that child.  Ed told Calista last night that she is the loudest Edwards woman that ever lived.  The girl does have a set of lungs on her.  However from my side of the family she's hardly the loudest.

Mom came over to help me out today and we drove all over Northern Colorado.  We started out dropping the POS off at the shop.  Turned out the tubes had separated from the two front tires.  So two new tires were in order.  Then we grabbed some lunch, (Arby's again), and off to Wellington to drop off the MIL taxes.  The CPA she uses couldn't be further out in the sticks and I had a good chuckle when I called for directions, (because even my Tom Tom couldn't find this deserted road the guy lived on), and the CPA told me that there was a green sign right past his big white barn.  I just don't know of too many CPA's with a barn on their property.... but maybe there are.

So after that it was back to Windsor where we dropped off a deposit for the MIL, then the post office and back home to feed the cubs.  After they were fed we were off again.  We stopped at the Fire Dept. to have their car seats checked.  The cubs seem like they are getting too big for the inserts, but the firemen said no they were fine.  However these 3 firemen looked like they were barely out of grade school... I'm sure I have cat's older than them.

After the Fire Dept. we picked up the POS car and drove it out to Ed's work and dropped it off.  Then hit the grocery store for that milk I needed yesterday and were finally home by about 4:30 to feed the cubs again.

God willing and the creak don't rise I'll get to work on the bead store tomorrow some.  Although I don't have any help coming in, I'm still hopeful that the cubs will take a nice nap for me so I can work.  I've actually gotten the newsletter finished for this week and am starting to send it out tonight.

Today's picture is of Alex sporting one of his new onsies.... it was just too cute to pass up.  Don't worry, all those snaps and zippers are painted on there and I assure you he's a very comfortable little boy in this.

And now for today's best and worst of Motherhood.

Today the worst part of Motherhood is having a screaming/crying baby in a store when everyone is looking at you.  And by looking I mean judging!

Today the best part of Motherhood is watching your mother make the craziest gurgling sounds to your child and watching the two of them make each other smile and laugh.

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  1. Trust me, they weren't looking at you in a judgmental way. They were looking at you in pity...that and thinking "thank God that's not me. That poor woman!" LOL
    Andrea R. facebook friend :)