Sunday, March 14, 2010

The End of the Day

It's been a fabulous weekend for us.  Saturday I gave Ed a break so he could go and play some golf.  He's been dealing with a lot with his Mom in the hospital and then Friday his boss told him they were going to have to start working 9 - 10 hour days.  That's the new way, lay off as many people as possible and then ask more of the ones that are left.  Anyway, Ed got to play 9 holes with his friend Jeff on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day here in Northern Colorado so when Ed got home we packed the cubs up in the stroller and headed off for a nice walk.  Unfortunately by the time we got everyone out the door the wind was picking up a bit so we didn't go very far.  I was worried that it might be too cold for the cubs.  But we made it down to the library and around the parking lot of the Elementary School before heading back.

Sunday morning was a wonderful family morning in our house.  Calista had started crying at around 5 a.m. so I went and got her and put her in bed with us.  By 9 a.m. Alex was fussing on the monitor so Ed went and got him.  Then the four of us laid in bed and watched our ritual Sunday morning politics shows while I nursed Calista first, then traded places with Ed and nursed Alex from the other side.  It was just a nice family morning.  However I'm sure as they get older the political shows will be replaced with Saturday morning cartoons.

Since Ed had his 'play day' on Saturday today was my turn to get out of the house.  I went to go see a movie, Crazy Heart this afternoon.  But before I could leave there were a ton of chores to get done.  To get out the door the following had to be prepared, Calista had her bath and since Alex was asleep we gave him his bath after I got back.  Ed made up bottles so he would be prepared for the afternoon alone with the cubs.  Then I watched the kids while he changed out the littler boxes.  We both went down and changed the sheets on both cribs, fired up a load of laundry and then Ed gathered up some of our medical paper work he needed to fax off tomorrow.  All of this was done before noon.

Heading out to my movie the car steering wheel seemed possessed and was shimming from side to side.  I stopped to look at the tire and it seems a little low, so I turned around and headed back home to get the other car.  This is a car that we bought from Ed's mom for $1 and in all honesty we should probably ask for our dollar back.  So from here on out I will refer to this car as the P.O.S.  (Piece of Shit)

When I got to the theater I was amazed that it was packed!  Must have been the colder weather today.  The movie was good, I'm not a big country music fan, (I tried to listen to it but find that when I do I lose my will to live).

On the way home life kicked into high gear again.  We had to figure out how to get the POS to the shop to be fixed.  Ed still had to get to his Mom's house to gather her tax items to be filed.  Then there was the fact that we are out of milk so a grocery store trip was in order and what to do about dinner.  So our plan is for Mom to come over tomorrow to help with the cubs instead of Tuesday. We'll take the POS in and drop it off at the shop.  And this evening we went to his mom's house to gather the tax info and this also counted as an adventure for the cubs.  Dinner ended up being a stop at the Arby's drive thru and a quick quart of milk from the gas station.  After we drop the POS off at the shop then Mom and I will have to drive out to the sticks to drop off my Mother In Law's taxes.

So it turned into a busy day after all.  We did get Alex bathed after all was said and done.  He wants so badly to talk and kept 'sassing' his father as he was trying to dress him with loud sounds of "Nyet Nyet".

It's time for this tired momma to go to bed though so I'll do my best and worst and call it a night.

The worst part of Motherhood today is going to the movies and smelling baby puke in my hair and wondering if the person sitting next to me can smell it too and what she must think of me!

The best part of Motherhood today is a snuggly sleeping Alex all nestled up next to me while I watch Brothers and Sisters.

Good night everyone!

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