Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Weekend

This was a really nice weekend, quiet and productive. Ed watched the cubs on Saturday so that I could get some work done at the Bead Store. I managed to get a lot of beads labeled and up in the shop that has been sitting on my desk for several weeks.

Ed had the cubs asleep in the living room when some idiot woman came and rang our doorbell. She had the misfortune of me answering that door and barking at her that she woke up my babies. She had some flyer in her hand to elect somebody to office and I just ripped her a new one and didn't listen to a word she had to say. So directly after that I came back to the office and made the following sign:


Grumpy? Maybe, but if you've ever had babies that have finally fallen asleep and you have precious time to get a few things done, well I'm sure you can sympathize with me.

So that was our Saturday, pretty smooth sailing. Today was also a smooth day with waking up with cubs in our bed again. I gave Alex his bath and he just screamed blood murder! I'm not sure why, but it put him in a bad mood all day. But we once again watched our Sunday morning politics shows, had some waffles and this afternoon went on an adventure to K Mart.

At K Mart we found a little sound toy and oh how it made my little girl grin and smile! Alex wasn't too interested in it; however he's been kind of grumpy all day today as I said. We couldn't resist taking a video of Calista with that little musical toy, so I'll post that to Facebook later on tonight.

Our last stop was at the Verizon store to get some cases and screen protectors for our new phones. The cubs were really good through that, which surprised me. I thought perhaps they would have a screaming fit, in which case we might get moved to the front of the line just to get us out of But it all went smooth.

Ok, best and worst time....

The worst part of Motherhood this weekend is no longer having our bed to ourselves.

The best part of Motherhood this weekend is watching my children learn and being amazed at the speed that is happening. They also learned to hold a rattle this weekend and today Calista had both hands on her bottle and was almost holding it. I'm in awe at how fast they are learning things.

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