Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Hair that Caused Hysterics

We woke up so thrilled yesterday because the cubs slept through the night.  They got to bed late, but slept until 4:30 a.m.  We were both just elated!  The only bad part was that with this twist in our routine it became doubtful that I was going to get a shower for the day.  Luckily around 10:30 they both fell asleep and I was able to get my shower done.

Right after my shower Alex started to wake up so I put him on the changing table, changed his diaper and upon putting him back together I found a little fluff of toe jam on his right foot.  I kept pulling on it to try and clean it out but it just wouldn't budge.  What was worse is that the more I pulled on it the more Alex seemed to scream.  That's when I saw the top of his foot and his little toes turning red.  Remember when I told you all how my hair was falling out like a chemo patient?  Well in that tuft of toe jam was a long piece of mommy hair that was wound around 3 of his toes.  When I pulled on the tuft it tightened up the hair around the toes.

So began the excitement for the day.  I tried and tried to work that piece of hair out of his toes but all it did was make it tighter and tighter.  So I buttoned up his one leg and left the other one out of his pajamas and took him upstairs where there was more light.  About this time Calista started waking up and started crying on the floor.  With Alex on the couch I tried some more to work that piece of hair out, all the while watching my son's toes turn bright red, then purple and his cries get louder and louder.  Hysteria set in at about this time.  I ran to get a bottle for Calista warmed up, thinking at least I can get her in her car seat and prop up her bottle so there won't be so much screaming and I can think clearer.  I called Ed at work in tears and the words 'I can't do this myself' came out of my mouth.  That piece of hair was wound so tightly down to his skin I couldn't get anything in between it without cutting his skin.

I asked Ed if he knew our neighbors phone number.  The guy does our lawn for us and just a few weeks ago I had met his wife and knew she was a stay at home mom.  Maybe she could come over and help.  Ed couldn't find it so I hung up with him and called my Mom and Dad to see if maybe they were out and about to come and help me hold Alex's foot down.  They weren't, they were 40 minutes away.

So last resort, I wrapped Alex up in a blanket and left Calista on the floor crying and ran across the street to the neighbor's house.  Mike answered the door and I ran through my dilemma with him and asked if he or his wife could come over and help me out by holding Alex's leg down while I searched for the hair to cut.  We ran back across the street and started on the surgery of removing that miserable hair.  Alex just screamed and screamed, which made me cry so I couldn't see what I was doing.  And thank goodness cooler heads prevailed; Mike was able to get Alex's skin pushed down far enough for me to get my cuticle snipers in between that and the hair.  I had to make about 5 cuts before we finally got that hair out.

Such a relief once it was all over with.  Mike saw that I was rattled and put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I was

So I feel I should give his business a plug here.  He owns a company called Rocky Mountain Lawn Medic and they are the nicest people!  He does a great job for us every year and we were really sad to see them put their house on the market.  It's hard to find good neighbors sometimes.

The rest of the day went smooth, baths were given all around and Alex still is having issues with that.  However I was amazed that by 9:15 last night all little babies were in their own little cribs sleeping.  However they did get up at 1:30 for a feeding so they didn't sleep all the way through the night.  But we're getting there.

Today's picture is of Calista and Lucy one of our 3 cats... all of a sudden they discovered one another.

The best and the worst time.

The worst part of Motherhood yesterday was feeling so helpless when your child hurts.

The best part of Motherhood yesterday was getting those babies to sleep early and in their own beds.

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  1. I so love reading your stories of everyday life with those beautiful grandchildren of ours. You are doing a great job. Those little ones couldn't ask for better parents!!!
    Love, Mom