Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New sounds for Alex

The morning started out with my poor girl hurting from her teeth, so I brought her into bed with me.  Partly because Alex was still asleep and partly because I was still very tired.  By the time Alex woke up at 7 a.m. I was able to nurse him a little bit and he went right back to sleep for me.  So with Calista safely on our bed and Alex asleep in his I managed to get my shower done, dressed and ready for the day before 8 a.m. for a change.

The day was fairly usual, nothing out of the ordinary other than Alex and his new sound.  Calista was still asleep and I was fixing my tea when I kept hearing the strangest sound from the office.  I had put Alex in his swing and it was as if he discovered his voice.  I did get it on video and those are uploaded to my Facebook account if you care to go look at them.

By afternoon though we had a baby meltdown.  Calista really freaked out, she wouldn't eat from the bottle at all and finally just cried herself into such a frenzy that she fell asleep in her car seat, (where I was trying to feed her).  Footnote here.... this is how you feed two babies at once.  Set them in their car seat and then you can hold a bottle in each hand and get your Advil ready for the pain you'll have in your back from hunching over.

So after that we took a small adventure to Target to meet Ed and pick up a couple of items.  Again, Alex wanted nothing to do with the stroller and I had to carry him through the store and push a cart that needed a front end alignment.  But we got what we needed and made it home.

On the subject of Target, it's time for a product recommendation.  We bought the Fisher Price 2 in 1 projector/crib mobile and OMG is this thing worth every penny!  It has a little canopy with a projector that shoots pictures onto the canopy while little stuffed animals go around on the canopy.  To top it off it has 3 settings for sound, music, nature sounds and a heart beat (which is what our Dr. had recommended to get our kids to sleep).  I can put the cubs in their crib and turn that on (most of the time), and they'll just stare at it and let me get laundry done and even sometimes I get to go to the bathroom.  So if you're expecting or need a baby shower gift be sure to look into this item.  We paid roughly $45 per mobile.

Today's picture is of Calista in her outfit that her Aunt Sandy bought her.  She looks like she's passed out, maybe she's a milk-a-holic (gosh I hope Lindsey Lohan doesn't sue me for that).

Ok, time for the best and the worst.

Today the worst part of Motherhood is not really being able to run to the store or post office quickly.  All trips are now an ordeal.

Today the best part of Motherhood is hearing your baby find their voice.

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  1. char.hildahl@yahoo.comMarch 17, 2010 at 11:10 PM

    I couldn't figure out how to get the sound to work. Will get your help tomorrow.