Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Busy Monday

There were a ton of tasks to get done on Monday so we hit the road rather early.  The twins got up around 9 a.m. which allowed me to get a few more things done around the house like laundry and formula made up.  But even with them getting up at 9, it was still after 11 before I got out the door with them.  Calista had not finished her breakfast so there we all were, babies in car seats and ready to walk out the door and she is just screaming away.  So I put everything on hold and made her a quick 3 oz snack, kneeled down on the floor and fed that to her while the Alex waited patiently in his car seat.

However even in the car she was still a screamin demon, that is until the car started moving, instantly asleep!  I swear the person that could bottle the motion of a car that puts babies to sleep will be richer than Bill Gates.

Our first stop was the Post Office.  There was just not going to be an easy way to do this, so here is how our simple trip to the Post Office went.  Pull into the parking space, unload the stroller from the trunk, set the stroller up.  Get the first cub out of the car seat by undoing the two straps and buckle and then into the stroller and search for the 5, (yes count them 5) straps to tie them in.  Go around to the other side and get the second cub, again undoing all the snaps and buckles, then put second cub in stroller and again search for the 5 straps to tie that cub in.  Grab bucket of mail and walk 10 feet into the Post Office.  Shipping packages  and checking PO Box consumes approximately 5 minutes of time.  Then walk the 10 feet from the Post Office back to the car.  Undo the 5 straps that are holding the first cub in place in the stroller, place that cub into car seat and redo the 2 straps and buckles for the car seat.  Walk around to the other side of the car and repeat process for the second cub.  Lastly, do battle with the stroller to get it collapsed again and stuff it back into the trunk of car.  Total time inside Post Office, 5 minutes.  Total time required to spend 5 minutes in Post Office, 30 minutes.

Next stop was the grocery store and I certainly didn't want to repeat having to drag that stroller out again.  My plan was to put which ever baby was sleeping in their car seat inside the shopping cart and put the other baby in the baby seat of the shopping cart.  Alex was the sleepy one so he got to ride inside the cart.  Calista did pretty well in the baby seat of the cart, although she's still a bit small for it so I had to hold her throughout the store.

After this Mom deserved some Starbucks, plus they were getting a little fussy so a bit of a drive would calm them down I figured.  After Starbucks I was in desperate need of some shampoo from Aveda Ten Salon.  Again I didn't want a repeat of the stroller incident so I decided I would just carry both car seats, (or as Ed calls them, Pods), into the salon with me.  The door into the salon was a pull open and not a push so I had to put one cub down, pull the door open and hold it with my foot, then work both pods in through the door.  Once inside a girl behind the counter came over to ask me if I needed any help finding anything.  I told her no I was just getting the shampoo.  So I placed the bottle of shampoo in with Alex and then hauled the two pods over to the counter.  It's worth mentioning here that there were 3 girls behind that counter and I was the only customer in the lobby.  They rang me up and asked if I wanted a bag.  I said that actually I did if it had a handle on it since I had the two babies to carry as well.  She hands me my bag and then those 3 girls watched as I went to the door and struggled to get myself, the bag of shampoo and my two babies back out the door.  Not one of them came over to even hold the door open for me!  Suffice to say they have lost my business.

By this time it was getting to be 12:30 and I knew that Alex was probably going to want to eat by 1:30.  Since Calista had a snack before we left I figured she'd be okay for a little while longer.  Then came the question, should I press my luck and go to Carters to buy some pants for Alex.  The poor kid really needed them, all he seems to have is shorts and jeans.  I wanted something of a sweat pant material for him to wear.  I decided to go for it rather than have to pack them all up again tomorrow to complete this mission.  This time I did take the stroller as there was no way I would be able to shop and carry both pods.

I knew I had to be quick, and quick I was.  I managed to drop $60 in a matter of about 15 minutes, but at least Alex now has some comfy pants to wear.  By the time I got to check out Alex was just starting to fuss, so I timed it pretty well.  We took the screaming express home and once inside the garage I raced in and started up a bottle for him.  After a little food for both of them all was right with the world again.

By around 4 p.m. they were both pretty worn out and fell asleep on the floor.  It was perfect timing so I could get dinner started and finish some work at  Ed got home and was able to mow the lawn.  Then just as I finished up cooking dinner and we're ready to eat they both woke up.  So we fed them and had ourselves a luke warm dinner.

Calista fell asleep with her bottle in her mouth for her 8 p.m. feeding and Alex was right behind her, so we never got baths done last night.  Tonight they will get baths though.

Calista's teeth are bothering her so much right now, by 11:30 Ed brought her into bed with us.  The bad part about that is that I was having a hard time falling asleep and by 11:30 had just started to doze off.

By 2 a.m. they were both up and wanting to be fed.  I can't wait for these 2 a.m. feedings to be done!

The worst part of motherhood on Monday was how many different steps you have to take just to get a 5 minute task done.

The best part of motherhood on Monday was the cubs sleeping in the afternoon so we could get something's done around the house.

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