Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday Baby Bodily Functions

Ed had to go in to work again this Saturday, but we are giving each other a break.  This afternoon I get to go see a movie and tomorrow he gets to go play a round of golf.

The second Ed walked out the door the cubs woke up.  I got them fed, Alex's medicine given to him and figured I might as well get their baths underway.  I watched as Alex's face turned red and saw that he was 'giving birth' so I got my baby cleaning supplies all ready for his big job.  When I found a poopy diaper I wasn't surprised.  So I got him cleaned up and into his bath.  Oh what a happy baby he was to be in his bath!  He splashed water EVERYWHERE!  At least three times I wiped up the splashed water from the counter top and he just kept splashing it out until even after me wiping it up 3 times it was creating a waterfall onto the floor on my bare feet.  That's it, bath time is done.  Baby has clean hair and body so it was time to get him out.  I grabbed his clean dry towel from the rack and that little boy then pee'd on the entire bathroom.  So I grabbed the washcloth and covered the offending hose as fast as I could.  Time to scower the bathroom again.  I started to get him dressed, the diaper was on and I started for the shirt.  I got that over his head, the arms in the hole and just started pulling it down over his belly when he puked all over it.  I pulled the arms back out of the holes, back over the head and me and my naked little boy went downstairs to find new clothes for him.  This time I was smart though, once I got the shirt over his head I immediately put a bib on him!

Next up is the little girl who is starting to get really fussy in the play pen because she's all alone.  When I put Alex in the play pen I smell something, but I figured it's just residual stink from his messy diaper that I haven't emptied out of the trash yet.  As I carry Calista to the bathroom I realize that no, it's her, she's made some poopy for mommy too.  They couldn't have saved this for their father huh?  So got her all cleaned up and bathed. 

Now everyone has had a bath except for mommy who is soaked from Alex swimming in his bathtub, a little bit of poop on my jammies and pee on my sleeve.  Who needs the bath most?  Mommy does!

Saturday was also a day of firsts.  The Dr. told us it was ok to start introducing cereal into their diet and try them out with a spoon.  Calista seemed to take to the spoon right away, Alex caught on after a little while.

So to embarass them in future years I took pictures of this first spoon feeding.  Enjoy!
Alex with his messy face

Calista with her messy face.

Once Ed got home from work it was mommy's time.  I went to go see Date Night, which I thought was really funny, and then off for some shopping.  Yes I bought them MORE clothes!

While I was gone Ed told me that they were really on the move trying to crawl and Alex was rolling himself over.  The day has almost come hasn't it when no one and nothing is safe in this house.

The worst part of Motherhood on Saturday was a baby in the tub that is so happy he splashes water all over your bathroom.

The best part of Motherhood on Saturday was a baby in the tub that is so happy he splashes water all over your bathroom... but it makes you smile so big that you don't mind the mess.

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