Friday, April 16, 2010

Picture Day

Tuesday was our picture day.  I had a coupon for JCPenny's Portraits so I scheduled an appointment for the cubs to get their pictures taken.  I wanted to get some professional picture of them in their Easter outfits before they outgrew them.

I made the mistake of stacking the day with too many events, so I was pretty frazzled.  They woke up, had a little food and I managed to get their baths all done so they would be clean babies for pictures.  They settled in for their morning nap while I got things ready, changes of clothes, bottles etc. just to make sure we had happy babies for pictures as well.

We were supposed to have our air ducts cleaned between 9-11 a.m. with a company called American Air Duct Cleaning.  Then I had to drop Hank off at the groomers, (it's that time of year again and he is just shedding like crazy), before noon.  And the picture appointment was at 12:40 p.m.  By 11 a.m. the air duct company still had not shown up.  So I had to call and reschedule them to Thursday between 2-4 pm so I could make it out the door on time to everything else.

I got Hank dropped off then headed out to meet Ed for pictures.  Alex just didn't want to smile at all, but Calista was her usual giggles.  In fact there were quite a few pictures with her just cracking up.  Half way through we did an outfit change and Alex turned pretty sour.  So I gave him some food and he at least stopped crying.  They did an outstanding job and we're really happy with the pictures.

It took forever to get the pictures ordered, so by the time we left it was almost 2 p.m. and I was starving for lunch.  It got to that time when you question, should I eat some lunch or just hold out for dinner?  I opted for a little chicken sandwich from Arby's for $1.49, (the price should tell you how big it was).

Now my friends that come over and craft with me know how I like to 'fire' companies for poor service.  This week was a week for firing! First company on the chopping block was the groomers, Hot Rod Dog Grooming in Windsor CO.  We've been taking our cats here for a couple of years now.  When I made this appointment I did ask if they would come out to the car to get Hank since I had the cubs with me, which they did and that was very nice of them.  However, when we got home on Tues. they left a message that Hank was ready to be picked up and just a note that they no longer accept credit or debit cards, only cash or check.  Well that would've been nice to know before we made the appointment.  Ed had to pick Hank up on his way home from work and had no check book or cash on him.  I called the groomer back and she basically told me that they could take a card from us, but they would tack on an additional 15% because of their credit card processing fee's.  Now as most of you know, I own a bead store,, and I have a credit card processing bank and there is NO way it is costing them an additional 15%.  Then she tells me that their processing company wants $800 to get out of their contract.  Even Chase Bank, the worst bank in the world, only charged $250 to get out their contract.

So I have fired this company.  I don't know how you stay in busines in this day and age without taking cards.

The worst part of motherhood on this day was trying to find some place in a store that I could warm a bottle up for Alex.

The best part of motherhood on this day was getting to look at those pictures of my beautiful babies.

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  1. I just loved these pictures!!! Of course I love everything involving these little angels!!! Calista is always full of smiles and Alex is very careful with his. Keep those beautiful pictures coming. Mom xx