Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Could They Possibly Have Anything Left In Them?

Although they didn't sleep through the night, it still turned out to be a good morning.  I had to nurse them back to sleep as usual in our bed, but once there they slept until almost 9 a.m.  It's always a good day when I can get my shower done and breakfast eaten before they wake up.  I even managed to get some work done at the DJBeads Bead Store this morning.  Which makes me feel less stressed and better able to focus on the kids and the house.

This afternoons adventure was a trip to the grocery store.  We were almost out of formula, and frankly I don't want to live in this house if we run out of that.  The trick was how was I going to push a stroller and a shopping cart, or my other option was to push 2 shopping carts at once.  They are still too little to sit in the shopping cart seat so I have to either put them in the stroller or put their car seats in the shopping basket.  Luckily Mom and Dad had to do some shopping as well so I was able to meet them at King Soopers in Loveland and the three of us each had a shopping cart.  One with just food, one with just a baby and one with a baby and food crammed around that baby.  The trip was rather uneventful, that is until I got home.

Before I even contemplated leaving though Calista nailed me with an abundance of puke on my shoulder.  Not a drop on her though, I'm not sure how she managed that one.  Just once I'd like to make it to noon with the same shirt on.

Once home they were starting to scream for food.  Alex was first in the feed line so I took him downstairs to change him.... ack a poopy diaper.  It caught me off guard because I hadn't smelled it in the car.  Shortly I realized why I hadn't smelled it, he was still going.  Quickly I shoved the diaper back under him, but too late, it was already on the changing table cover.  Thinking he was done I pulled the diaper back and do you know what that little boy did to his mommy that loves him?  He pee'd on her!  So back went the diaper to catch the pee.  At least I hadn't changed the changing table cover yet, since I only have 3 of them I tend to run out quickly.  Besides one was already in the wash so I was down to two.  So, the little boy is now all cleaned up, new outfit on, changing table cover changed to a clean one.  Put Alex in his crib for a minute so I can start a load of laundry.  Come back to get Alex and he has blown chunks down his clean outfit.  Change the boy again... repeat.  I think that kid went through 7 outfits this afternoon.  But I finally got him upstairs and a bottle in his mouth. 

By this time Calista is waking up and starting her screaming.  So I put Alex in his car seat, (and he's not the slightest bit happy about this), put the bottle in his mouth and prop it up with a pillow to hold it in place and take his sister downstairs to change.  I took her diaper off, she smiled and giggled at me so I smiled and giggled back at her and then do you know what that little girl did to her mommy that loves her?  She pee'd too!  Change the girl, change the changing table cover, take the girl upstairs and nurse her all the while pushing the pillow that is anchoring Alex's bottle up with my foot to keep the bottle in place.  (Yes when I have to feed both of my children at once I sometimes have to use my feet... so don't tell me I didn't come from an

Finally both babies are fed.  Alex pukes a few more times and I change him a few more times.  Calista pukes 2 more times and we also go through an array of clothing for her.

They both passed out in their chairs for a little while, and that's when I got the Al Bundy picture of Alex.  Good Grief it's starting already!!  Check out where his hand is.

Next feeding is starting, this time since they are both in their chairs I decided to just plop down on the floor with them and hold a bottle in each hand to feed them.  About this time I'm starting to smell something.  I figured it might be Calista since she hadn't messed for the day.  At the same time I'm looking at the clock, Ed should be home any minute now.  Maybe I can hold off and hand her off to him.  (Evil of me isn't it?  But I swear my children always save the messy diapers for mommy).  They finish their bottles and I take Alex down to change him.  Dang it, he pooped again!!!  All the while he is grinning away at me, he's so happy that he's kicking his feet.  Which in turn gets the poop on his feet.  In my effort to control the kicking poopy feet, the messy diaper slips out and now I've got poop on my hand and the last changing table cover.  At this point I clean him and take a chance on picking him up naked so I can get the poopy mess removed for a clean spot to finish cleaning him up.  I put him back on the changing table on the bare pad and that little boy is still grinning.

I did dodge one at least, when Ed got home Calista had one for him.

The rest of the evening saw more outfit changes because of spit up after spit up.  All the bodily fluids my children started out with this morning are now absorbed into some sort of material in my laundry hamper.

Best and Worst, and I bet you can't guess what my worst will be today?

The worst part of motherhood today is puke, poop and pee.... on everything and everywhere.

The best part of motherhood today is a little singing bear we got at the used baby store yesterday by VTech that makes my babies smile and giggle.

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