Thursday, April 29, 2010


This will be my first attempt at writting a "blog" so just bear with me.  As most of you know we had the "cubs" Friday (4/23) all day and night.  I must admit that they were little jewels for us (what else would you expect me too say!!!)

We picked them up that morning, switched cars with Carrie as she has the car seats, and home we came.  Of course Calista decided she needed to empty herself half way home and that she did.  We knew immediately what that little girl was up to when we started hearing the grunting in the back set.  Then she seemed to have this idea that we should immediately stop the car and change her; which wasn't going to happen because it was raining and cold outside.  We still had 20 minutes to go before we got home.  So we listened to her cry for 10 minutes and then she conked out.  As soon as we got into our garage grandpa hauled her into the house and grandma changed her.  Then she was a happy little girl (who wouldn't be).  In the meantime we had to put the windows down in the car to give it a good airing out.  I've got to tell you, that little girl has a set of lungs on her that would wake the dead!!!  For the rest of the day they were good as gold.  Took their bottles, burped and slept. 

G & G had bought them a couple of new playmats from the One Day Sale site and they arrived Thursday, just in time for the twins to use on Friday.  They are the cutest mats from Fisher-Price and the cubs just loved them.  Lots of little soft toys which hang above them, a couple of long toys that they can reach up and practice their coordination, a little puppy dog that plays all kinds of music and the mat has all kinds of bright colors and characters on it.  The nice thing about the little musical dog is once you turn it on it will start playing with any movements the cubs make.  Needless to say they really enjoyed that; that is until they got hunger.

Evening wasn't as quite as the day had been as Calista's teeth started bothering her.  Once she got her medicine and it took effect then she was okay.  Alex was so quite through all this with Calista.  Finally they both took their bottles, fussed a little bit and then went right to sleep.  Got them into their playpen cribs and they slept from 10 pm. till 3:45 am when they got their bottles and went right back to sleep till 6:45 am. 

Saturday morning seemed to go great until grandma gave Calista her bath.  Now the only place we have to bath them is in the deep sink in our laundry room.  Calista was fine until grandma turned on the sprayer to wash to soap out of her hair.  She did not like that one bit and like I said earlier, that girl can scream for all of England.  Then, because she was so upset she decided to pee in her "bath tub".  With grandpa's help we finally got her rinsed, towel dried and cloth.  Now Alex is another story.  He loved the sprayer and his bath.  Of course he has had experience with the sprayer at Easter when he decided to do a poopy job while his dad was holding him.

We finally got both of them ready, in their car seats, loaded up the the car with toys, diaper bag, babies and ourselves and headed down to Carrie & Eddy's home for the party.  We were only 2 hours late as we had said we would be there by 10 am.  Oh well, the party didn't start till 2 pm.

All in all we loved having them and have told the kids we would take them once a month for the day and night.  That way they get a break and get a good night's sleep.

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