Monday, May 3, 2010

A Quiet Day and a Work Day for Mom

Tuesday was a relatively quiet day around here.  The cubs followed the usual routine of being up at 2 a.m. for a feeding, then again at 5 or 6, then back to sleep until around 9 a.m.  I love this schedule because I'm able to get my shower done, bottles and formula made, breakfast eaten and a little work done at the bead store before they wake up.  That is provided, I don't fall back to sleep.

Weds. I planned a day of hard work for myself.  Setting up for the twins to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the day.  First stop was getting the cubs ready.  I walked into the nursery and about fell over!  Yep, somebody made poop!  I got the first poopy diaper changed, took that little baby upstairs for the day and came back to start on the other little baby.  Still smelling poop though... sure enough, the 2nd little baby made poop as well.  Ed had taken the day off to go play golf and it took him 3 tries to walk through the door of the nursery.  But once all the babies were changed and fed my next task was to get the car all loaded up, these cubs come with a ton of baggage!  Chairs, blankets, diaper bag, toys, play mats, etc. etc.  But we finally met G&G at Target in Loveland for the switching of the cars.  It's just so much easier to switch cars since the car seat bases are already strapped down in my car.

We did the car switch and I barely got across the road when I realized that my garage door opener was in the other car.  Since I don't carry a key to the house I had to call Mom and Dad and get turned around to go back and get the opener.  Since I was already turned around and I was cub free.. why not stop and do a little shopping at Target?  So I wasted an hour there, but it was a good mental break for me.  I bought a great picture frame for Ed's mom for Mother's Day and a few other items.

Then break time was over... I needed to get the day started working!  I had a ton of Cabochons and Beads to get put away and restocked during my break from the babies.

I worked until 5 p.m. or so and then we went to meet Mom and Dad at Carino's for dinner with the cubs.  They were really good during dinner and just started getting fussy towards the end of our meal.

Once home though, that was another story!  I went to take Alex out of his car seat, he was in the cutest little short outfit with a fire truck on the front.  But as I lifted him out I suddenly felt the oozing.  I can only assume that Mom and Dad thought it would be funny to give him a laxative before they handed him back to us.  It was all over me, him and anything that came near him.  So I got him on the changing table and started striping him down, then I let Ed take over so I could go and jump in the shower.  Once Alex was cleaned up a bit and striped down as well Ed handed him to me in the shower.  This was his first shower and he really seemed to enjoy it.

Later I discovered a very poopy car seat as well.  I took a chance that the insert to that was washable and threw it in the washer with a ton of bleach.  There was poop clear up to the head rest, which I can only assume happened as I was lifting the child out.  I let the car seat inserts air dry on our treadmill, (might as well use it for something right?), and they cleaned up very nicely.

Now we have clean baby and clean mommy... all is right with the world again.  As Ed was taking Alex out of the bathroom all bundled up in a towel I looked at him and asked, "Did you enjoy that shower Alex?"... to which he chuckled with a 'Ka Huh', that made both me and his dad laugh.

The worst part of motherhood for Tues. and Weds. was being the unsuspecting parent that lifts the poopy child out of a car seat and gets it all over him/herself.

The best part of motherhood for Tues. and Weds was a little Alex chuckle.

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  1. My hubby was holding Katherine (who is now 5 1/2) in his lap when she was just a couple of weeks old. He heard a noise, and then he felt it...all the way through his clothes. While I was bathing her, he took his 2nd shower of the day, and threw all the clothes in the washer. It went through his outer shirt, t-shirt, jeans and underwear! It was ALL the way up her back and soaked into her nightie. Yuuuccckk!