Thursday, May 27, 2010

Starting with Craft Day and Ending with a Sick Husband

We awoke to silence in the house, which is always unnerving.  You want them to sleep a little longer so you can get things done, but your heart also sinks worrying about SIDS, at least I do.  All was fine in the nursery though so Ed and I had our breakfast and I went to work getting ready for Craft Day.

I still had a ton to get done and cleaned up in the Bead Store so I put Ed in charge of cubs.  My crafty ladies started arriving around 12:30 and we got the party started.  Nora and Anne were the first to show and they took some turns holding Calista since Alex was asleep in his crib.  Then Mom and Dad showed up, Mom joined us for crafting and Dad went downstairs to help put high chairs together and also to help Ed watch the little people.  Wanda and Gina arrived and we got into full swing of our crafting.  We had some good treats to munch on and lots and lots of laughter.

Half way through the craft session I heard a baby so I went down and brought up Alex to show him off and Dad brought up Calista.  I think they were really fussing down there because I didn't even finish my sentence, "I'm going to take Alex upstairs to...." and Dad was saying YES.  So the babies were passed around the crafting table until bottles were ready, then Ed and Dad took them back downstairs and feed them.

Once craft day was done I went downstairs to get Ed who looked a little green.  He had Alex next to him on the couch on his tummy and Calista was asleep in her crib.  Ed said he had a sore throat and was just listless.  So we had some dinner and he had himself an early night.  As soon as the cubs went to sleep he went to bed.  By morning he sounded horrible, but dragged his sorry butt to work anyway.

In the middle of the night I heard Alex start coughing and knew he has this bug too.  Poor little guy has the sniffles and you could tell he just didn't feel good.

The worst part of motherhood for this blog is having a sick baby.  Especially at this age because there are not many medicines you can give them to make them feel better.

The best part of motherhood for this blog is having a husband and father that will watch the little people so I can have a craft day.

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