Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Ahhhh... I finally get to celebrate this one! I waited so long to be able to celebrate this day and wanted it for so long and it's finally arrived. No longer would I get depressed on Mother's Day and want to crawl into a dark hole.

The day started bright and early, which was good because I had a day packed for myself. Alex had me up at 6:30 a.m. wanting to be fed. I had him downstairs in our big blue chair feeding him when I watched his little face turn bright red, a grunt and then you guessed it. For my very first Mother's Day my son shit on me. This is something that I hope to re-tell through the years to come until he's sick to death of the story and thoroughly embarrassed. I walked by the bedroom and yelled in to Ed that I needed him to get up and finish cleaning up Alex so I could go take a shower. He got Alex all cleaned up and then my little boy drifted back off to sleep, as if to say, "My work here is done".
Ed was going to make me breakfast in bed, but after that fiasco I was up, showered and dressed anyway. So he came looking for me with a plate of food and found me in the back bathroom doing my hair. He was somewhat disappointed I think because I wasn't waiting in bed for my breakfast... but it's the thought that counts.

Around 9 a.m. I set out for my Mother's Day off. Funny, I'm celebrating being a mother by not spending most of the day with my kids. First stop was a manicure and pedicure. Lucky I got in there early enough because the place really started to fill up after I got there. After that I raced over to the theater to meet my Mom for a movie. We saw How To Train Your Dragon and both of us really enjoyed it.

After our movie it was time to come back to the house to rescue Ed and Dad from being alone with the twins. They took off to go pick up Ed's Mom and Mom and I got the twins dressed and a little bite for them to eat before we left. We all met at Cafe Athens for our Mother's Day meal, man is that place tasty! Our only complaint was that it was too warm in there. Otherwise we had good food and a good time. The cubs behaved beautifully!

Once our meal was done Ed and Dad left to take Jo back to her place while Mom and I headed home with the twins. We then kicked into high gear getting ready for our trip and attempting to get our hotel room booked. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I would assume by now my family wouldn't expect anything less from me.

Even with the poopy morning, I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

And now a special note to my mother for this day. Thank you for all the help you give us, for shaping me into the person I am today and for your love and patience. You wrote on my card that I am doing an amazing job. I must give credit where credit is due; I couldn't be amazing without you. I had to learn it somewhere. I love you very much.

Now the worst part of motherhood for this day, although I did laugh about it (and still do laugh about it), it would have to be getting crapped on in the early morning hours when you were planning on going back to bed.

The best part of motherhood for this day was finally getting to celebrate it.

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  1. You are truly and amazing woman my dear daughter and I thank God every day for giving you to me. You are genergous, beautiful, ambitious and very loving so it is always fun to be around you. May you always stay that way. And Dad & I both thank you for letting us be a part of you and your families lives. Lots of love, Mom (& Dad)