Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Quiet Saturday

Saturday was so quiet, this will be a Twin Time Blogger Lite edition.

Ed and I were in a hurry to get as many chores done as possible Saturday.  We had Mother's Day on Sunday that was booked up and then we were planning the cubs first road trip to Colorado Springs to visit their Great Aunt Lisa, Cousin Sara and Cousin Jack.  Then on to Canon City to meet their Great Grandma Conley.

Ed had the yard to mow, I had laundry to get done and we still had to get gifts wrapped and cards signed.  Luckily the cubs were able to entertain themselves for a bit while we got these things done.

By late afternoon though I had to call Ed in to come and help me feed them since both were crying for food.  So he didn't quite get the lawn all raked up, but at least the grass was cut.

We were able to eat our dinner quickly and had a relaxing evening.

The worst part of motherhood for Saturday was attempting to pack for the babies, trying to figure out what all we would need, am I over packing? Am I under packing?

The best part of motherhood for Saturday was sitting on the floor playing with both the twins on their play mats.

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