Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 Days of Blogging

Luckily there wasn't much that happened on these four days so I can somewhat get my blog caught up.

Weds. we were trying to get all settled back in from our trip.  Remember the poopy story?  Well mommy here went and put those poopy overalls of Calista's into the diaper bag.  So Weds. consisted of me pulling everything out of the diaper bag and washing it.  When I came back upstairs I found Calista on the play mat and she had discovered her toes!

Since it was snowy and cold out we didn't go anywhere, just stayed inside for the day and played on the floor.

On Thursday we attempted some #1 baby foods.  Alex was having a hard time figuring out what to do when the spoon approached his mouth, but caught on after that.  Calista figured out the spoon thing right away, but I think she is going to be my picky eater.  She made the most horrible faces with everything but bananas.  Alex loved everything!

I also had the great idea on Thursday to go to Joanne's to buy a pattern and some fabric so Mom could make me a shopping cart cover for the cubs to sit in.  However, Joanne's had all their McCalls patterns on sale for $1.99 and I just can't pass up a good sale... so I went a little nuts.  I bought a bunch of fabric and patterns and asked Mom if she could teach me how to sew.  Calista had such big smiles for all the ladies at the fabric cutting counter, they were all just ooooing and ahhhhhing over her.  Alex was getting a little grumpy and wanted to go home.  He's his daddy's boy when it comes to shopping.

Friday I needed to desperately get to Sprouts Market for some produce.  Mom and Dad were going to join me on this trip to help out with the cubs.  Problem was by the time Mom and Dad were free, the cubs were down for a long nap.  By around 3 p.m. they started to awaken though so we got them fed and ready and we all took off to Sprouts.

And by the way, I love this market!  Great prices on produce, lots of organic stuff.

Our first stop was Michaels for a couple things Mom needed, however I'm the one that walked out of there with a bag of goodies and not her.  I found these little wooden decal things, trees, butterflies, cars, clouds, etc. that I bought to stick up on the kid's bedroom wall to decorate. 

Once at Sprouts Mom and I did our shopping while Dad wheeled the cubs around aisle to aisle to keep them entertained.  Alex ended up falling asleep in the stroller for a while.

Friday night I attempted to stick all those cute little things up on the nursery wall.  It must be a heating vent issue or something, but all of Alex's fell down while Calista's stayed put except for one dragonfly.  So I need to come up with something different for that.

Saturday was mommy's day off.  I worked a little in the morning and then took off for the afternoon to see a movie.  I went to see the movie Babies because it had gotten such rave reviews.  And it was good, but I guess not what I was looking for.  I think when I go off on these little 'mommy outings' I'm looking for something to get lost in and mentally check out for an hour or two.  This movie didn't do that for me.

After the movie I came home and we had to pack the cubs up and take them to Target to get a birthday gift for Ed's mom and a graduation gift.  Another stop at Joanne's because I saw some fabric on my way out Thursday that was really patriotic that I thought would be really cute as matching outfits for the cubs on the 4th of July.  But I already had my cutting done and Alex had had enough so I didn't get it then.

The worst part of motherhood for this blog is pulling a bone head move like placing poopy clothing into a diaper bag full of clean clothing.

The best part of motherhood for this blog was Calista and her great big smile for all the ladies at Joanne's.

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