Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Trip to the Dr..... yeah right!

Monday found Alex still with a case of the soupy poopy's so it was time to take him to the Dr.  I was pretty sure it was just a stomach bug that they probably couldn't do anything for anyway, but better safe than sorry.

Now for you parents of singles a trip to the Dr. is not that big of a deal.  However any of you parents with multiples know the first thing you think of is, 'How shall I do this?  Put them in the stroller? Lug them up in their car seats?'.  There is no easy way... that is unless you have wonderful parents like mine that you can call at a moment's notice and ask if you can drop Calista off at their house so you can take Alex to the Dr.  And that is just what I did.

So the entire day was spent in the car it seemed, dropping one baby off, taking the other baby to the Dr., going back to pick up the first baby. 

Alex weighed in at 14.1 pounds and just as I suspected, he has a tummy bug.  There is nothing they can do for it and we just have to watch to make sure it doesn't go on for more than a couple of weeks.  And then the greatest news was that Calista, Ed and myself are probably going to come down with it as well, possibly Mom and Dad too.  But what are ya gonna do?  Kids get sick.

Tuesday was supposed to be a nice day off for Ed to go play golf and Mom was going to come over to help with the twins so I could get some work done.  I was really looking forward to getting some of these beads put away and up on the DJBeads site.  Then the entire day got shot to hell in about an hour.  It started with a weather forecast of 80 mph winds for Northern Colorado, there went Ed's golf game, which also meant my afternoon of help was gone too.  Next was a call from the assisted living facility that Ed's mom had fallen again.  In the next 2 hours we got yet another phone call that she had fallen again, that's 3 times in less than a week.  Amazingly enough she still had not broken anything!

The rest of the morning was a frenzy of phone calls to and from assisted living, paramedics and emergency rooms.  Her blood sugar was down to 31 and she was very close to a coma.  Long story short, turns out the assisted living facility 'accidentally' gave her a sleeping pill at 9 a.m. the day of the first fall and she was too groggy to eat and just never quite recovered from that.  They have since fired the person that gave her the incorrect meds.

Mom had called and heard it in my voice that I was in the dumps.  I guess I had the blues due to feeling rather isolated and just really wanting to get some work done and not being able to do that.  So they offered to come and get the cubs so I could work for the afternoon.  All in all, I really only ended up with about 2 hours of time to work, but it was enough to get me over the hump of my blues.  It also helped that I had a good chat with my buddy Sandy in the morning.  That broke the isolated feeling.

Since Mom and Dad took the cubs I said that I would make dinner and bring it up when we picked them up.  When Ed got home it was a race to get everything prepared and out the door with it.  But we managed to do it and only be a 1/2 hour late.  Since we didn't have the cubs with us we really had no excuse other than poor planning on our part.  We had a nice dinner with them and the cubs were very entertained with all their family around.

Alex with his new toy that Grandma & Grandpa bought them

We did get a late start out the door though, it was after 8 p.m. when we left.  Ed and I learned a very valuable lesson that night, never feed one baby and not the other.  We had fed Alex before we left and Calista didn't seem very interested in food, that is until we got her in the car.  That's when Ed got to take his first ride in the screaming express.  We made it just a little ways out of Berthoud when I finally pulled onto a little county road and found a little pull in to breast feed her.  She got a little something in her tummy and then she was fine the rest of the ride home.

The worst part of motherhood for this blog is that trying to plan out a day is near impossible.

The best part of motherhood for this blog is still having enough breast milk to feed a screaming child in a pinch.

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