Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Puddle in my Bra

Friday found me feeling a whole lot better and in better spirits to take care of the twins.  They awoke at 7 a.m. and we all had our breakfast and some play time.  I find if I really wear them out in the mornings they'll take a nice long nap in the afternoons.  And I needed them to be worn out and napping on this day since I had a housekeeper coming in at noon.  I found a terrific lady to clean my house, she's dirt cheap, brings her own cleaning supplies and does the most fantastic job of deep cleaning.  And I find it improves my mood a great deal to be in a clean house rather than sitting with a baby on my lap that I can't place down to get it done myself.

Calista played herself to sleep by about 11:30 and I just had Alex to wear down now.  He was on my lap and I was pretending like I was eating his neck, both of them just love that.  He was giggling and smiling away as I held him directly in front on me with my shirt gapping a little below him.  That's when he smiled and spewed a mouthful of puke directly down my cleavage.  I reached for the burp cloth to wipe him up first, then set him down to try and fix myself.  As I looked down my shirt I found a puddle of puke swishing around in my bra.  So I fastened Alex in his chair and went on the hunt for a new shirt, bra and wash cloth to clean myself up with.  There are many disgusting things that come with motherhood... sticky boobs has to be up there in the top ten I'd say.  After that incident though I was able to get him down.

Lizbeth showed up a little after noon and I was just getting Alex down, so the timing was perfect.  She cleaned the house from top to bottom while the kids slept and I got some work done.  All in all it was a really good day.  Ed got home around 4 p.m. and I headed off to the post office.  Since I got so much work done when Mom was here and during their nap time I decided to bag working in the bead store after that.

Alex was pretty fussy and ended up falling asleep in his play pen for a short time after his dinner.  And since Calista was in good spirits I decided I'd go ahead and get her bath out of the way.  That little girl loves her bath time!  She's somewhat startled when we first put her in her bath seat, but then when she unstiffens her body she gets a great big smile.

Alex woke up and was still really fussy, but he had to have a bath.  Once in the tub with daddy he calmed down though and I gave Calista a bottle during that time.  Then daddy and the twins played a game he invented called 'Frog Attack'.  It's a little stuffed frog that Ed uses to attack them, both the kids tend to grab onto the frogs arms and legs with this game and try to rip it apart.... (oh dear am I going to have some destructive children?).  Then it was time for the last feeding of the night, but Calista decided she wanted to sleep instead, so I put her to bed reluctantly.  I knew if she wasn't going to eat then we would be up in another hour to feed her.  Alex was still a little fussy man and we never could figure out why other than he was just getting over tired.  But we tried to put him to bed and he fussed so much that he woke Calista up.  So at this point Alex is down, but Calista is awake.  We fed Calista her left over bottle and down she went again, this time for the night.

By 9 p.m. mommy and daddy were able to climb into our clean bed in our clean bedroom for the night.  It was just heaven!  I had bought a new book on Amazon that had just come in, Making The Rounds With Oscar about the cat in the Rhode Island nursing home that goes in to comfort patients right before they die, as if he can predict death, and I was going to lay in bed and actually read!  It really is the little things in life for me.  I read 5 chapters until my eyes wouldn't focus anymore, how relaxing.

I also tried something new with Calista and her waking up in the middle of the night.  To date our routine had been she fusses, we go and give her some homeopathic teething medicine and a shot of tylenol and try to get her back to sleep.  None of that has worked and we always end up bringing her back to bed with us and I nurse her to sleep.  Last night though I gave her the teething meds, tylenol and then put her on her tummy to sleep.  She went right out.  I came back to bed and we set the alarm on my cell phone for 15 minutes and when that went off I kicked Ed, (he told me to), and he got up and put her back on her back to sleep.  And just like that, she slept through the night!

The worst part of motherhood for this blog is sticky puky boobs.

The best part of motherhood for this blog is that moment when the children area all tucked in and the entire house is quiet and you get a little mommy time to do something like read a book.

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