Saturday, April 10, 2010

It Can Be Done!

Thursday turned out to be a day full of errands to run and the question of how I would do this on my own.  I needed to go to the bank, the post office, and the grocery store.  I figured what I would do is put the stroller in the trunk and if there was no other way, I would just pull the stroller out to go into the bank and the post office.  It did seem like a huge waste of time to get that stroller out, set it up, get the twins out of their car seats, strap them into the stroller all to walk about 20 paces.  Then return and do all of that in reverse order to get going again.

So when I got to the bank I decided I would try something.  I threw my purse over my shoulder and got Calista out in her carrier.  Then I went to the other side and got Alex out in his carrier.  I think between babies and carriers it's probably around 60 - 80 pounds I had + my purse and fat butt that I hauled into that bank... but I did it!  It can be done!  What a revelation and what doors are now opened up to me that I can do this myself.

I showed the babies off to all the banker ladies, then picked them up and back out to the car we went.  Next was the post office, this one would be about 40 paces, but I felt confident that I could do it, and I did.  The doors were a little bit of a trick, but a really nice lady at the Post Office got out of line and came over to open the door for me.  We chatted a bit and she comments on how long Alex's eyelashes are, (it's so unfair).  Then getting ready to head back out the door I found it interesting that now there were two older men in the post office and neither of them batted an eye to help me with the door as I struggled to get out.  The help came from another woman on the other side of the door opening it for me.  I'm not saying all men are inconsiderate like this, I know my husband and father would've opened the door for a stranger... but some of you... well you need to have one of your 'man meetings' and reinstate the door opening protocol.
Alex with his baseball cap on, that is still pretty big on him

After that was the toughest of the tasks... how am I going to go grocery shopping with the twins?  I can't fit two car seats in one basket and I'll have a tough time pushing two carts by myself.  The only way I could figure was to get that stroller into action.  I was lucky to find a parking spot right in front, but later realized I would've been better off way in the back of the lot where there was less traffic.  I was a nervous wreck trying to get those cubs in that stroller, which was parked right up against my car, but what if someone not paying attention came screeching in?  All I could do was work fast to get them out of that parking lot.

Once inside the store I had the stroller in front of me pushing and pulling a shopping cart behind me.  Another, It Can Be Done moment for me.  We were barely in the store when a little old lady who had to be 100 if she was a day old, had to bend down (and she didn't have to bend too far, I think she was about 4ft tall), and say hi to the cubs.  My issue was that Calista has cradle cap so she's got some flaking skin on her head and this little old woman stood there picking it out of my child's head.  Yep, that bothered me a bit as well as made me wonder if this woman had washed her hands last time she went to the bathroom.  But we made our way through the store and Ed met us there about half way through the shopping experience, (as he calls it).

The night brought another round of screaming from both of them.  Although again we managed to get to bed finally with no babies in our bed.  And we did shave about an hour off of last nights bed time, so progress right?

The worst part of motherhood today is that everyone feels it's their right to touch your babies.  What is the proper edict to tell someone Hands Off!

The best part of motherhood today is finding a task that you thought to be impossible, is actually not as hard as you thought.

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