Friday, April 9, 2010

Up She Goes

Calista was up at 8 a.m. Tuesday, but I still managed to get a shower done, a load of laundry in the washer and the dishwasher loaded and running before then.  I felt like SuperMom!  She decided she wanted to practice her standing and was pushing herself up straight to a standing position from my legs.  I just know she's trying to hurry and grow up so she can leave us!

Alex woke up around 9 a.m. and we got the daily party started.  Both babies were fed by 9:30 and lucky me, they passed out again until noon!  Oh the work I got done in those 2 1/2 hours at the bead store.  What  a load off to know that I was getting things under control there.

By afternoon when they woke up and feedings were done I decided to take them on a small adventure.  I didn't want to mess with having to get them out of the car, so we were on a strictly drive thru adventure.  First stop was the post office to drop off some mail in the boxes.  Then the bank and finally a quick trip to King Soopers to get some gas in the car.  That was the only time I had to get out of the car which was good because it was really windy.

Weds. was mommy's day off.  Grandma and Grandpa came over around 10 a.m. to watch the cubs so I could get out and catch a movie.  I saw Ghost Writer, which was good but a pretty intense plot that I think I was just too brain dead to catch on to.  After that I headed to the used baby store for some long sleeve shirts to get Alex through the Spring and some shorts for Calista to get through the summer.  Afterwards I realized how low Calista is on pajama's and was kicking myself for not picking some up while I was there.

Then I headed off to Best Buy to buy my Sherlock Holmes movie on Blu Ray, I've wanted that since it came out.  Luckily with my handy Droid phone I was able to find the best price on it.  Best Buy wanted $30 for it, so I opened my ShopSavy app and scanned the barcode in and low and behold my phone told me where I could get it cheaper.  So right there in the middle of Best Buy I purchased my movie for $18.52 at  Isn't technology great???

Then I was off to Target and Ulta where I really splurged on my favorite perfume that I've been out of for well over a year now, Spellbound by Estee Lauder

When I got home it felt like my boobs were about ready to explode so I was looking for a baby to nurse... any baby!  So I got ahold of Calista and downstairs we went.  Mom and Dad stayed on to watch Alex while I nursed her so that made it nice to not have to worry about him.

Ed had to work late so by the time he got home we both had a pretty late dinner then went downstairs to watch American Idol.  (Can you believe Michael Lynche almost left the show?  I'm just sure he's going to win the whole thing).

Anyway, bedtime brought it's own trials for us.  Neither child wanted to sleep, I don't know why...sleeping sounded really good to me and their father.  Can you remember a time when you didn't want to sleep?  Seems unfathomable now doesn't it?  But I got Alex nursed to sleep in our bed and just as he drifted off Calista started really fussing.  So as I put Alex to bed, Ed got Calista and brought her to our bed.  A footnote here, it seems that these days Ed and I just pass each other in the hall with one baby or another in our arms.  At least we don't give each other a nod as we walk past one another.

I tried and tried to nurse Calista to sleep but she just kept screaming and since Ed was already so tired from his long shift I decided to try and take her to the living room.  I got her nursing in the big blue chair where she proceeded to fall asleep after about 4 minutes.  I wanted to make sure she was good and asleep so I waited for about 15 minutes before I took her to her bed.  During that time I watched her start smiling in her sleep and then let out a giggle or two.  She did this a few times and it just tickled me, but I couldn't laugh out loud or I would've woken her up.

Finally by 10:30 the entire house was in thier own little beds, including me and Ed.

For these two days the worst part of motherhood is a changing routine.  Just when you think they'll go to sleep at a certain time, because that's what they've been doing for a few weeks now.  They up and change it on you completely blind siding you.

The best part of motherhood for these past two days was those sleepy Calista smiles and giggles.  I don't know what she's dreaming about, but it certainly does make her happy.

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