Thursday, April 15, 2010

Calista Babble

If you're one of my Facebook friends then you've probably seen the video.  Monday morning Alex was up first and got all his 'mommy tasks' out of the way right off the bat.  He got fed, made a messy poop, (at least it was before I put him in his day clothes), pee'd on me and was crashed out again on the living room floor by 9 a.m.

Calista work up after Alex went to sleep and it's always nice when they do that for mommy.  I got her changed and dressed, gave her a morning bottle.  As I went into the kitchen to get the dishwasher loaded up I started to hear from the living room some Calista Babble.  She found her voice and it had me cracking up!  Luckily I grabbed my phone and got it on video.

By afternoon I had them both dressed in day clothes and looking oh so cute.  Isn't she just precious with her bow in her hair?

Little did I know that just moments later she would bomb me with a pooy mess. 

I was on the floor playing with them and had her in her chair and started to smell it first, then I looked over.  Oh My!  It was oozing out from her and all over the chair.  My first thought was how to get the child out of the chair and to a changing station with minimal amounts of poo on myself.  So I grabbed a burb cloth to sort of shovel under her.  Problem was that I missed and ended up with the poo all over my hands and under my fingernails.... sort of like sticking you hand into a pile of mud.

Once I had the baby in my arms the decision then came to where to go with her.  I started one way, then stopped, then started another then stopped.  I was truly the most indecisive person you ever met at that moment trying to decide whether the changing table or bathroom would be the best.  I finally chose the bathroom and put a towel under her.

Here's the thing about huge poopy messes.  It doesn't really matter how careful you are, the poopy onsie has to go over the head, which in turn leaves a poopy trail all along babies body.  Then when you get the diaper off they insist on kicking which places their feet directly into the poopy diaper.  I think they are so happy to have that smelly diaper off they just start smiling and the feet and hands start flailing about.  So she had poo from head to toe.  I got her striped down and just plopped her in the sink to clean her up.  Once I had a clean baby again I took her downstairs and got her all dressed.

Now came time to check out the damage done to the bathroom... yikes!  There was poo on the counter, the sink, the mirror, everywhere I looked there was a sign of the disaster that had just taken place.  Armed with my Clorox I managed to get my bathroom all sparkling clean.

Then worst part of Motherhood is those poopy messes where you look at the child and just don't even know where to start.

The best part of Motherhood is the first little babbling and attempts to talk.

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