Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Weather Man and Other Outings

Tuesday was a record high day here in Northern Colorado, so how could I resist packing up the cubs for another walk to the post office?  Dad came over in the morning to help out and that made the adventure much easier.  I was able to get baths done early, Dad and I got them fed and we were off in our stroller with baby sunglasses and all.

I've mentioned before how much I love Windsor, it's so friendly here.  Well on our way to the Post Office yesterday I cut through the park and ended up on a street coming home where this little old man was sitting outside in a lawn chair.  He had no yard, just rocks where a lawn should be so it had to be hot for him.  But as we passed by yesterday he smiled and started talking to me about the weather and how it wasn't as warm as they said it was going to be.  Today Dad and I passed by him on our way to and from the Post Office.  On our way there he had his little dog on his lap and again we smiled and said hello to him and he went straight into the weather.  On our way back he was still sitting out there and told us that he had just called the weather and they told him it was 77 degrees.  So from here on out when I pass him I'll refer to him as the weather man.  Sweet old guy.

Once we finished our walk we got the cubs fed and changed again and then we were back out the door.  This time to the used baby store.  A friend of my Mom and Dad's, Kelly, sent them over with a huge bag full of baby girl clothes.  So Calista is now dressed to the 9's.  However my poor little Alex didn't have much in the way of outdoor clothes.  And after all I can't really dress him in pajamas and sunglasses... I don't want the other babies laughing at him.  Dad and I each took a baby in a cart and I managed to get several pairs of jeans, shirts and a couple pairs of shorts for the little guy.  However his 'It's All About Me' sister was not a happy girl and cried through the entire shopping experience.  I figure it's because she's just like the rest of us females and it's just no fun if you're not getting any new clothes for yourself.  Since she was so fussy I decided to forgo the grocery store and just head home with them.

I should also mention here that the cubs are 4 months old now.  I'm amazed at how big they've gotten in such a short amount of time.  And the way they are learning is incredible as well.  We've been practicing our vowels still and Alex will just concentrate on your lips and try to mimic you when you say Ooooooo.  Calista is in such a hurry to hold her own bottle, she has her little hands on it most of the time and once it's light enough we can usually remove our hands and she'll hold it herself.  I think that both of them are going to be musical like their mommy.  Probably Calista more than Alex.  She just loves her musical toys.  One of these days I'm going to take her downstairs to our old very out of tune, Antique Player Piano and see what she thinks of it when I play it.  Luckily both of them have nice long fingers like their mommy so there will be no excuses when it comes time for piano lessons.  Unfortunately they are also moving their heads around a lot more now and bashing them into the unsuspecting adult that is holding them.  I don't know how it isn't cracking their skull as hard as they slam into us all?

Here are their 4 month pictures I took of them yesterday.  They sure look happy don't they?

Time for the Best and Worst of Motherhood:

The worst part of motherhood today is the black eye, bruised cheek bone and fat lip I have from my children head butting me.

The best part of motherhood today is buying new clothes for the babies.  I could just go crazy buying those cute new outfits!

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  1. The babies are so cute! Maybe you can get a website up like LOLcats, but call it LOLbabies! They are just adorable. Hope all goes well for you, working with the bead business ANd taking care of those sweethearts.