Monday, April 12, 2010

Still Hating That Formula

Saturday Ed had to go into work for a half day so the twins and I were on our own again.  It wasn't too bad, since mornings they usually sleep and are calm, it's the evening that they get the fussies.  Well this Saturday we were still battling the remnants of that awful formula for nighttime feedings.  I finally read the label on it and apparently this stuff is suppose to expand in their tummy's so they feel more full and sleep longer.  Whatever it does it doesn't agree with Alex.  I had him all dressed for the day and that poor kid threw up chunks at least 6 times in the span of about an hour and a half.  What could I do other than just wait for it to all get out of his system.  By the second outfit change I vowed that Alex would never have one more drop of that formula given to him, EVER!  My solution for the constant outfit changes was to get a shirt on him and immediately put a bib on him to save the shirt.  It's so much easier to change out a bib than a onsie or a shirt.

In the meantime though, I was in the midst of changing Alex, got a onsie over his head and he puked again.  So I pulled it back over his head and threw that one in the wash with the other 20 million he'd gone through that morning.  Of course now is when Calista decides to wake up and is screaming bloody murder.  So I put Alex in his crib with just his diaper on him and went to get Calista.  I got her all changed and dressed, put her in her crib (which she wasn't very happy about), and went back to get Alex from his crib and put some clothes on him.  Then I discovered yet another puddle of chunky puke on his crib sheets... looks like I'm changing bedding today as well now.  I got Alex dressed and put him upstairs on a blanket in the living room and thankfully he fell asleep and Calista was a calm baby in her crib by now. 

Things were now under control, just in time for their daddy to come home.  But it's so much easier when there are two of us because Ed was able to help me get the other crib changed out while I started up the laundry and we both worked on getting the nursery in order again.

By afternoon both of them were asleep on the floor so I took this chance to get out for a little while.  I needed to go and get some party supplies for my Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary party we're having here.  This ended up being a trip from one end of Loveland to the other.  The first place I went to was out of business, the second turned out to be someones home.  By this time Ed was calling me asking when I was going to come home, mind you the twins weren't awake or fussing for him, he just didn't want to be the only one there when they did wake up and started fussing.  So I did a quick stop at Target and at least got the paper plates and napkins along with a couple of large jugs to mix formula in, picked up dinner and headed home.

Saturday night went pretty smoothly once they had all that icky formula out of their systems and Sunday morning found them both in bed with us.  It doesn't seem to matter what side of the bed I'm on, the whole family migrates to me.  Ed kept pulling Calista closer to him because she was hitting her brother with her flailing arms in her sleep... but she just kept heading South.

We got them up and fed, Ed and I had our breakfast and the cubs slept in the living room on the floor.  We were under a bit of a time crunch since Ed wanted to be home in time to watch the Masters and I had to get to a party supply store in Fort Collins.  Plus they both still needed baths and to be fed.  Alex woke up first and we got him squared away and just waited for Calista to wake.  I think we made it out the door by 11:30, not too bad for babies that didn't wake up until 10 a.m.

So I got my party supply store shopping done, hit the grocery store and grabbed some lunch and made it home by 2.  The evening went really well for us, I couldn't believe how calm they both were.  Or maybe they were always this calm and I just never appreciated it as much after seeing how fussy they were on that formula.  But they were so calm that I put Calista in her crib at 9:30 and stayed up to watch Brothers and Sisters and even picked up my beading!  I stayed up until 11, which I paid for dearly at 2 a.m. when they woke up.  But those few hours alone beading at night did my mental health a world of good, so it was a good trade off.

The worst part of motherhood is changing the sheets on a crib mattress!  I think they make the sheets 3 sizes too small.  I know they have to fit snug to prevent SIDS, but some of those are ridiculous!

The best part of motherhood is Sunday morning in bed with the whole family all snuggled up together.

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  1. Love the pic of the 2 of them together!. Have you tried putting the baby rice cereal directly into their regular formula to "fatten it up" a bit for their night-time feeding? It also helps to reduce the bubbles in the formula for the reflux problem. It used to work wonders for Jack's reflux...